A Special Message from our Senior Executives

Our volunteers are an intrinsic part of our organization. From tutoring to financial coaching to mentoring, they empower low-income Massachusetts residents to achieve their full potential. Thanks to our volunteers, we’re able to do more than we ever thought possible. In Dorchester, a Foster Grandparent is teaching a young child how to read. In Brighton, a volunteer is mentoring a 16-year-old participant in WorkSMART, an innovative ABCD program that gives low income youngsters the support they need to stay in school and learn vital job skills. A few miles away, a volunteer is helping an elderly woman complete the paperwork for fuel assistance this winter – so she can stay warm.

More than 2,000 people volunteer their time, energy, and expertise to ABCD and the people we serve. In fact, last year alone, our volunteers donated over 50,000 hours to help advance our mission.

Our volunteers partner with ABCD for so many reasons: “I volunteer because I want to serve and give back to my community,” says Carla Coutinho, a UMass Nursing Intern at Parker Hill Head Start. While Sarah Ianno, a Bunker Hill Community College Intern at the East Boston APAC, volunteers because she “loves helping people and learning valuable information.”

Whatever the reason, we are so grateful for their support. In the pages of this newsletter, you’ll read about the powerful impact they make in the Boston and Mystic Valley area. For example, in June, ABCD volunteers played a critical role in our 18th annual Field of Dreams event at Fenway Park. With their help, we raised $335,000 to fund our SummerWorks Program, which provides summer jobs for more than 1,000 low-income youth.

In addition to the dedication they show at work, our employees also donate their time after hours. This summer, you could find them at the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion raising awareness about the needs of low income individuals in Boston, Malden, Everett, and Medford.

If you’re interested in volunteering, we encourage you to take a look at our individual and group opportunities and contact us at volunteer@bostonabcd.org. Because of the generous support of our volunteers, we’re able to help thousands of individuals gain the skills and confidence they need to build better lives.


John Drew Headshot                                                 Sharon Scott-Chandler Headshot

John J. Drew                                                             Sharon Scott-Chandler

President/CEO                                                          Executive Vice President


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