A Welcome Letter from ABCD’s Volunteer Coordinator

To Our Readers,

Welcome to  2017!

We, in the Volunteer Office, are looking forward to another year of following exciting stories regarding  ABCD’s volunteers and interns who  make positive and impactful differences throughout the Boston, Malden, Medford, Everett, and surrounding communities.  Our volunteers generously donate their  valuable skills, talents, and time that remain essential to the efforts made by ABCD in overcoming poverty in Boston.

Volunteerism will no doubt hold even more importance to our programs in the coming months.  As human services funding nationwide faces an uncertain future, agencies like ABCD, will continue to rely heavily on their dedicated and driven volunteers to ensure the delivery of critical services to their clients.

With opportunities ranging from assisting ABCD’s network of food pantries, to teaching ESOL classes to seniors, to providing other programmatic support, our volunteers have proved themselves year after year to be invaluable assets to  ABCD’s mission, and for that, we cannot thank them enough.

As the newly appointed Volunteer Coordinator, I am eager to explore new ways in which we can connect volunteers  with meaningful opportunities, forge lasting relationships with our local universities and businesses, and further enhance the services we provide to  Greater Boston residents.

If you are interested in volunteering, whether it be on an individual basis or organizing a day of service for a larger group, I encourage you to review our current volunteer opportunities that are available.  It is because of the hard work and continued support of our volunteers that ABCD is able to assist thousands of individuals every year in their goals to achieve  self-sufficiency and overcome poverty.


Madeline Eleazar

Volunteer Coordinator



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