Madeline Eleazar

Volunteer Coordinator


Currently in her first year as ABCD’s new Volunteer Coordinator, Madeline spends her time strategizing and developing the Volunteer Program into a valuable resource to be utilized by managers agency-wide.

She enjoys most connecting mission-driven individuals with volunteer opportunities where their time and skills will be valued and result in positive impact.

Donna Le Bell

Recruitment/Volunteer Assistant

Donna Le Bell

As the newest team member in the HR Department, Donna plays a critical role in the recruitment of both volunteers and paid staff at ABCD.

Donna enjoys  meeting individuals who are passionate about giving back to their Boston community and connecting them to employment and volunteer opportunities throughout the agency.

Hawah Kallon

Summer/Fall 2017

Hawah Kallon

As a rising junior at Wellesley College and a Lumpkin Institute Intern, Hawah was instrumental to the creation and management of processes and applications in the ABCD Volunteer Office during her internship.  She is a Psychology and Africana Studies double major and hopes to pursue her doctorate after graduation.

Oula Asaad

Winter/Spring 2015

Oula Asaad

Oula is a grad student at Northeastern University pursuing a degree in Corporate Organizational Communication. Oula shares, “My experience at ABCD was interesting. It gave me such a gratifying experience as well as a positive motive of what I want to do as a career in the future. I have not only expanded my knowledge, but also had the opportunity to connect with the staff, connect with them for additional support or advice, and improve my communication skills. I enjoyed lending ABCD a hand and assisting the organization with its noble work.”

ABCD thanks Oula for her dedicated efforts in putting together this issue of our Volunteer Newsletter.

Corinne Keer

Summer/Fall 2014

Corinne Keer

Corinne Keer is headed into her senior year at Boston University for a degree in English.  In her free time Corinne likes taking  long walks on the Charles, eating Whole  Foods samples, and writing poetry.  Corinne hopes to continue volunteering  for organizations such as ABCD that effectively translate humanitarian principles into positive  community action.

Welcome to the ABCD Family, Corinne, and thank you for your hard work putting together the Volunteer Newsletter!

Louis Loftus

Summer/Fall 2013

Louis Loftus

Louis Loftus is a rising senior at NYU majoring in Philosophy & French with a minor in Creative Writing. He shares his passion for volunteerism and our community by writing ABCD’s first volunteer newsletter.

Louis, thank you and welcome to the ABCD family!



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